Just Add Jack membership includes

The pocket PT

An ongoing series of audioACTIVE personal training. A fun way to move,  a great way to lose. The Pocket Pt is a audioACTIVE series of personal training (updated bi weekly) that keeps you moving towards your goals.

You simply plug in the ears, step out the door and get moving whilst hearing great fitness insights and fantastic banter by your very own Pt in your pocket

The revUP⇡

Daily series featuring bite-sized mouthfuls of motivation.

Easy to listen to as you clean your teeth in the morning,  before you walk into that meeting or as you  open the front door when you return from work.

The REVup! is sure to keep you moving with great topics and fun facts!

What's In It For Me

This program is yours, FREE when you join Just Add Jack that will help you get moving.
Fun & practical solutions to the challenges we face in our quest for change .

You've gone down many roads before, but for real change, this is the only path to take....unique, entertaining and guaranteed way to get results in this truly original program.

Your membership includes 2 X audioACTIVE personal training sessions and The revUP! both updated and delivered weekly.  Guaranteed to get you reaching for the front door, not the fridge door. Also included is the What's In It For Me program, FREE when you join.

Just Add Jack audioACTIVE reveals secrets from Jack's 40 years in the fitness industry that help you get results in the fastest and most fun way possible.

The best part is, there’s no more squinting or hovering over that tiny screen.
Screen-less training for people of all fitness levels.

Get ready for personal enter.trainment, ‘Just Add Jack’.

Simply plug in the ears, step out the door and get moving with your very own Pt in your pocket.

Play Episode
Play Episode

Daily mouthfuls of motivation that are sure to keep you going.

Play Episode
Play Episode

Why people listen to Jack?

"I love the idea of audioACTIVE...I find the instructions easy to follow...and how convenient is this...I don't even have to worry about waxing my arms just to go to a gym"

"I'm excited to continue to get outside and move my body and maybe even do some squats based on the colour of cars that are driving by, that was a fun one for me!
" - Lisa

audioActive is Great. Jack certainly makes it feel like he is there pushing you". Stuart

Listening while exercising is the way to go. Jack's gives clear instructions, with a balance of challenge and breaks". Jen

I really enjoy listening to Jack's audioACTIVE. Challenging, supportive, calm and clear. Jack makes moving more enjoyable". Reg. Ex Aust Special Forces

Jack shows us what it takes to win the battles along the way. He really is a fat lot of good". Dr C Allan

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