The Pocket Pt

If you are tired of the same old exercise program or annoyed at your failure to follow a choreographed routine on your screen or worse; find your eyes get more of a workout than you do squinting to see what is happening on that tiny phone screen...then the Just Add Jack audioACTIVE is for you.

Simply plug in the ears, step out the door and go.  Jack, your pocket Pt is with you every step of the way. You will be guided through bi-weekly personal training sessions which are easy to follow.

Along the way you will be delighted and intrigued by the great fitness stories, interviews and chats with experts. Features topics that are fun with original music and the occasional funny joke thrown in to enter.train you as you go.

I really enjoy listening to auidioACTIVE by Jack.  He challenges you but is also very supportive and calming while you move to his clear instructions. It makes the activities more enjoyable, progressive and worthwhile". Reg

A new way to move

The Pocket Pt program has been developed after many years of research and using  40+ years experience in the fitness industry.   Not everyone wants to watch someone else doing an exercise on a video or attempt to copy a highly choreographed routine....most of us simply want to move.

Packed full with loads of great banter and informative chats you will be personally trained and entertained or as some say, it's like a personal enter.trainment session.

I love his audioACTIVE. I find the instructions easy to follow and so convenient". Jenny

It's time for a F.U.N. way to go

With The Pocket Pt you are sure to get F.U.N. that is Fit Using Nothing. The program is easy to follow and simple to download and best of all fun to complete. Simply plug in the ears, step out the door and go.  No more complicated routines to learn or expensive equipment to buy.

Just Add Jack at his Melbourne Gym, Australia

More than just movement

The Pocket Pt is more than just an exercise program. We offer great support for anybody wishing to move.  Ideal for beginners to pro athletes as all sessions are completely personable - you work at your own pace.

· Great fitness insights

· Entertaining, informative & FUN

· Fantastic banter to keep you going

· Exclusive What's in it for me that helps gets you ready

· Bonus Interviews with great fitness guests and sports stars

Whether you are a beginner or pro athlete you will enjoy fun facts and top tips that keep you moving in the right direction.

After many years I've discovered that anyone can start when they are ready, the real trick is to start when you're not". The Pocket Pt

The Pocket Pt bi-weekly audioACTIVE are included in the Just Add Jack Membership when you join. Also included is The revUP! program. All for less than the price of a cup of coffee per week.

Be sure to consult your doctor before you begin and tell them you want to get a Pt in your pocket . Remember, one workout can’t make you an athlete, but one workout can break you…..move smart.

Simply plug in the ears, step out the door and get moving with your very own Pt in your pocket.

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Daily mouthfuls of motivation that are sure to keep you going.

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All audioACTIVE are Ad-FREE and only made possible by our members....for less than the price of a cold cup of weak coffee served to you in a cracked cup you get 2X perfectly percolated Pt sessions (updated weekly) , The Pocket Pt served not too hot and not too cold and The revUP! series delivered in a perfectly spherical cylinder and much more....enjoy.     Just add Jack, The Pocket Pt

The Fat Stripper
Just like a personal trainer, only better!

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Why people listen to Jack?

"I love the idea of audioACTIVE...I find the instructions easy to follow...and how convenient is this...I don't even have to worry about waxing my arms just to go to a gym"

"I'm excited to continue to get outside and move my body and maybe even do some squats based on the colour of cars that are driving by, that was a fun one for me!
" - Lisa

audioActive is Great. Jack certainly makes it feel like he is there pushing you". Stuart

Listening while exercising is the way to go. Jack's gives clear instructions, with a balance of challenge and breaks". Jen

I really enjoy listening to Jack's audioACTIVE. Challenging, supportive, calm and clear. Jack makes moving more enjoyable". Reg. Ex Aust Special Forces

Jack shows us what it takes to win the battles along the way. He really is a fat lot of good". Dr C Allan