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Tired of those boring gyms?  Frustrated and struggling to follow routines on that small screen?  At last a fresh way to move and an even better way to lose.

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What is Just Add Jack?

Just Add Jack is a revolutionary way to move using audio based training (audioACTIVE) that's like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

Learn from Jack’s secrets of 40 years in the fitness industry.

Created to get you results in the most fun way possible.

Just like a personal trainer...only better!

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What do I get?

Your membership includes

  • Multiple audioACTIVE sessions updated weekly from a trusted expert
  • Access to Jack's trade secrets
  • Bonus Fun Facts to keep you entertained

Every session

  • Revolutionary refreshing workouts
  • Jack's fitness secrets revealed
  • Fast way to get your results
  • Guaranteed Giggles
  • Quizzes, give aways & more

What's not included

  • No more squinting over a tiny screen
  • No empty promises
  • No more trying to keep up with those technical moves
  • No more wall to wall mirrors

All for less than the price of a coffee per week

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The World's first Pocket
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About Jack

Jack Revens, creator and PersonalEntertrainer™ from the JustAddJack series of podcasts has been involved in the health & fitness industry for over 40 years beginning coaching gymnastics in his teens.  His breadth of knowledge and experience provides a solid foundation for training that he enjoys sharing with others to help them achieve their goals. 

FAQ and really important information

Why should I become a member?

If you are tired of the same old exercise program or annoyed at your failure to follow a choreographed routine on your screen or worse; find your eyes get more of a workout than you do squinting to see what is happening on that tiny phone screen...then the Just Add Jack bundle of audioACTIVE sessions is for you.
Simply plug in the ears, step out the door and go. Jack, your pocket Pt is with you every step of the way. You will be guided through bi-weekly activeAUDIO training sessions that are easy to follow. Along the way you will be delighted and intrigued by the great fitness stories, interviews and chats with experts. Features topics that are fun with original music and the occasional funny joke thrown in to enter.train you as you go.
The pocket pt....just like having a personal trainer in your pocket..only better!

What is the The Pocket PT about?

During the lock-down last year, I was doing some zoom training with clients...all was going well until....
The internet would glitch and as I was staring into a blank screen thinking, it couldn't get any worse... when it did.  I lost audio from my client...however, they could still hear me.
During the next session with the same client (again on zoom) they mentioned that what was intriguing, was that I had been correcting their form and adjusting their body without even seeing or hearing them.  They commented that it must be because I've been doing it for so long, perhaps I could do it blind-folded.
Fast forward 12 months audioACTIVE was created.  Gathering lots of feedback from members of my gym and pt clients we have developed a fun filled enter.trainment show that not only entertains the listener, but also personally trains. It quite literally is (in the words of one of our first subscribers) "just like having a personal trainer in your pocket...only better"

How to access audioACTIVE?

This is the easy part....you will receive an email from our super partner, Supercast . All the instructions on how to download and listen to audioActive programs. We will provide you with a unique feed that you'll be able to add to your favourite podcast player. Adding this feed to your favourite podcast player only takes a couple of taps. We currently support Apple Podcasts, Castro, Overcast, Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts, Podcast Republic, Downcast, RSSRadio, Podkicker, and more. Unfortunately we aren't able to support Stitcher, Spotify, or any other podcast player that doesn't support importing private feeds.

Can I edit my credit card details or cancel at anytime?

You can update your payment details at any point by visiting your Subscription page at Supercast using the link you were sent in your welcome email, when signed in to your profile. Cancelling your membership
Be mindful that your membership renews  either annually or monthly using your payment method of choice. When your membership is ready for renewal your upcoming payment will be processed automatically unless you have cancelled your membership in the meantime. You can cancel your membership at any point by visiting your Subscription Details you received in the first email from Supercast . Note: check with Supercast for full details. Usually at least 3 business days notice is required in advance of your next billing date. The cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing period, so you can continue to enjoy the full benefits of your subscription until then.

What if I have an injury?

You are in good hands, as Jack has worked closely with some of the best health practitioners in Australia. Using his vast experience training people with a range of injuries allows Jack to adjust the program to accommodate any limitations you may have. It will feel as if Jack is talking directly to you, as he understands how your body will respond to the instruction you’re hearing, as well as to the one you are about to receive. It’s like a sixth sense that will make you feel as if he is quite literally standing beside you.

How do I know if it's for me?

All of the Just Add Jack audioACTIVE sessions cater for all fitness levels. Jack has been training people for nearly 40 years and was also a P.E. and Outdoor Ed teacher....if he can regularly train over 140 people at once on a fitness camp, he can easily train you and many others at the same time. Using the skills learnt from years on the job, has allowed Jack to accomodate for all fitness levels, in fact...."I've been doing this for so long, I can train you blind-folded, and now I do"
If you're tired of the same old fitness program, and searching for the missing ingredient for your results, it's time to Just Add Jack.

How will I be able to do an exercise without seeing it?

You will be given clear instructions that will make the most complicated moves simple. Jack breaks down the movements by giving straightforward cues points at just the right time.

For many years, Jack has seen your  body movement patterns, enabling him to predict the actions you are about to perform. As you complete the activity, you will be guided with precise verbal instructions that take the guess work out of any activity.

How does he do it? Jack has been training so many clients for so many years he can do it blind-folded. As well as being a PT, Jack has also completed major studies in Human Movement, Skill acquisition and Bio-mechanics.

He makes things so simple; he really is a fat lot of good!

Warning before you begin read this.

The information contained in our Website, audioACTIVE and our Ask Me Anything (AMA) questions and answers are for information and entertainment purposes only.  You are advised to seek medical counsel for all your specific conditions.  Prior to completing or participating in any of the activities Just Add Jack provide or promote it is recommended that you first seek the appropriate consent from a medical doctor or allied health professional. Just Add Jack is not promising any miraculous results.  The effort you put into your health and fitness will reflect the results that you will get including but not limited to getting injuries, whether serious or minor.  ​Some time in the future there may be no need for warnings.  Why should it be dangerous to do exercise?  Why is it considered unsafe to move your body?  We should be looking for encouragement to begin an exercise program, not a warning about the dangers.   Movement is a priority.  But until that day comes when we all accept this, I have to accept the advice of our solicitors and provide you with a warning.  So in case you’ve never seen this before: “There is a high chance of death or injury if you partake in our program.  But you also might die if you don’t”.  Just Add Jack, its employees or contributors, will not be held responsible in any way, if this outcome is a result of partaking or abstaining from the program.  We are a guide to help facilitate the movement, YOU are responsible for every step you take, and every move you make...listen to your body! Moving is an essential part of being a living human, without it, you might be at risk of being one of the living dead. Everyone can be healthy, and everyone deserves the opportunity to improve.  You’ve been warned!  Will you heed the advice, or listen once again to your excuse.One workout can’t make you an athlete, but one workout can break you….move smart.

What if I don't feel I'm fit enough and can't keep up?

Jack has worked with super fit athletes and complete beginners and keeps ALL the training podcasts completely personable. Crafted from years of training large groups at schools and sports clubs you will receive a session that is targeted specifically for you. This unique manipulating of training allows you to receive an individual workout within this collective delivery. As Jack often says… you don’t have to be FIT …to fit in!

Why Just Add Jack?

If you dread the thought of watching another exercise program or struggle to follow a highly choreographed routine on that tiny screen and.....

You're frustrated with fitness centres that over promise and under deliver then now's the time to Just Add Jack.

Screen-less and seamless
, simply plug in the ears and step out the door.  Jack is with you every step of the way giving clear instructions that simplify complicated moves.

After watching decades of body movement patterns, Jack is able to both predict and ensure the actions you are about to perform, are done correctly.

He makes things so simple; Jack really is a fat lot of good!

What's a non-gym GYM?

Your membership includes 2 X audioACTIVE personal training programs and The revUP! motivational series updated and delivered weekly.  Guaranteed to get you reaching for the front door, not the fridge door.  

No more squinting or hovering over that tiny screen.  Join NOW and you will also receive the What's In It For Me program to help you get started.

Complete at a time convenient to you ....just like a gym, only better
Learn his weight-loss secrets...just like a coach, only better
Entertaining and fun ....just like a podcast, only better
Your very own trainer in your pocket....just like a pt, only better!

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Why people listen to Jack?

"I love the idea of audioACTIVE...I find the instructions easy to follow...and how convenient is this...I don't even have to worry about waxing my arms just to go to a gym"

"I'm excited to continue to get outside and move my body and maybe even do some squats based on the colour of cars that are driving by, that was a fun one for me!
" - Lisa

audioActive is Great. Jack certainly makes it feel like he is there pushing you". Stuart

Listening while exercising is the way to go. Jack's gives clear instructions, with a balance of challenge and breaks". Jen

I really enjoy listening to Jack's audioACTIVE. Challenging, supportive, calm and clear. Jack makes moving more enjoyable". Reg. Ex Aust Special Forces

Jack shows us what it takes to win the battles along the way. He really is a fat lot of good". Dr C Allan

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