Easy-going style

“He has an engaging personality and the ability to bring out the best in people.  Working with Jack has been a real pleasure.” -- Brigett Duclos

Jack has been involved in the health & fitness industry for over 40 years beginning coaching gymnastics in his teens.

His breadth of knowledge and experience provides a solid foundation for training that he enjoys sharing with others.   After graduating as a Physical Education/Outdoor Education teacher he moved to Health Club owner; Lecturer of Personal trainers, Health Coaching and Speaking and authoring the Fitness Book, 'Big Fat Lies'.

Jack's easy going style combined with his musical/entertainment background (he co-wrote a number-one hit when his hair was longer & darker) allows him to communicate to a wide variety of people and for them to improve in a fun and entertaining manner.  
Like having a personal trainer in your pocket….only better.

Years in Fitness
Clients Trained
Grams of Fat Stripped
Excuses Required

Private Coaching

Jack is also available for one-off or ongoing private virtual coaching sessions.

Using his vast experience as a school teacher, personal trainer, lecturer, author and gym owner for the last 40 years, Jack can guide you to get the best out of all things health & fitness.  

Always maintaining a FUN approach to any challenges you may experience along the way.

Corporate Training

It's more important than ever to maintain a positive health culture for your team.  Jack has developed a flexible program targeted at helping employees increase effectiveness and energise the workspace.

This includes a 30-60 minute kick start talk (in person or virtual) followed by weekly screen-less movement sessions to effect change.

The program encourages people to move-apart while helping keep your team Co-FIT together.

Why people listen to Jack?

"I love the idea of audioACTIVE...I find the instructions easy to follow...and how convenient is this...I don't even have to worry about waxing my arms just to go to a gym"

"I'm excited to continue to get outside and move my body and maybe even do some squats based on the colour of cars that are driving by, that was a fun one for me!
" - Lisa

audioActive is Great. Jack certainly makes it feel like he is there pushing you". Stuart

Listening while exercising is the way to go. Jack's gives clear instructions, with a balance of challenge and breaks". Jen

I really enjoy listening to Jack's audioACTIVE. Challenging, supportive, calm and clear. Jack makes moving more enjoyable". Reg. Ex Aust Special Forces

Jack shows us what it takes to win the battles along the way. He really is a fat lot of good". Dr C Allan